This Looks Important

You know that standard scene in every action movie where the hero is battling the multi-million dollar mechanized death-machine and somehow finds that sweet, sweet vulnerable spot? What does he do? “I wonder what this does?” he shouts rhetorically as … Continue reading

Board 8


Somewhere in the back of my skull, I maintain a neat little steno pad of “The Worst Ideas I’ve Ever Had”. It contains a smattering of the usual things which I won’t go into (hint: roller-skates + fireworks + Gogurt … Continue reading

The Polar Bear is a Sorcerer

New Jersey.  After a four month traveling hiatus, I find myself soon bound for the Garden State.  More appropriately, the Secret Garden State, because if there’s thriving greenery in New Jersey, it’s well hidden.  The trip doesn’t promise any particular … Continue reading


Congratulations on collecting one hundred monetarily ambiguous gold coins!  As your reward, you’ve been issued a very jovial looking jade green fungus.  Please exercise caution when consuming undercooked happy mushrooms as feelings of invulnerability and euphoria have been known to … Continue reading