Dumb Blonde Joke: The Brew

I fired up a fourth batch on my day off on Friday with the assistance of @Alex_Drumm and Dave. This was kit, but it was a Brewer’s Best “Premium” kit. The only difference I can see is the increased quantities of ingredients. There were a lot of parts. This one is supposed to be a 7.0% brew which is a good deal stronger than the other batches I’ve done before.

This guy is taking is dear sweet time on the primary. I would have to assume because of the higher amount of food for the yeast. We brewed Friday morning, and as I write this, I still have bubbles coming up through the trap. The IPA was a two-pump chump and finished in about 48 hours. I’m kind of excited by this prospect and am interested to see what color we end up with as I transfer this thing this weekend.