Bitch Hunter: The Preview

I went ahead and took tomorrow off of work to burn through some ridiculous vacation time I’ve squirreled away. I’ve decided it’s finally time to try my hand at a little more complicated brew. Truly, it’s probably not that complicated. But it’s not in the playbook, dammit, and that’s difficult enough for me. Maybe this is why cooking has always seemed so daunting a thing for me: math and science are based on a series of knowns and proofs that if I do something a particular way than the results are guaranteed or at least predictable. If you deviate from your math book… good luck, asshole.

And so for my next trick I will be stealing a recipe from the fine folks at Man Cave Brewing in order to make my wife happy. Beer’s not really her swag unless there is a copious amount of fruit involved so I’ve decided I’m going with a fruity little beer that I’ve tried (and enjoyed) that the folks call Bitch Hunter. Apparently it’s still mostly a kit beer with a few modifications that seem sort of last minute. The Man Cave recipe (which I’m sure they won’t care that I divulge) is just:

  • A Brewer’s Best Witbier kit
  • A 3+ pound can of raspberry puree
  • Additional light candy sugar

I was able to find all that I required at my local boutique and even found an additional container of raspberry extract that is so strong it pierces its sealed container. I’m not sure if it will be required, but it seemed a simple thing to include.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes, bitch.


    1. I’ll have to get on that. I think I’m still a novice beer-drinker in that I really can’t articulate past the point of “I liked this” or “Yuck”. That’s probably going to need to change before I even waste the time increasing the variety in my brewing.