Bitch Hunter: The Beginning

Last weekend, the old lady helped me whip up a batch of Bitch Hunter. Well, we made a Witbier, anyway. Yesterday, I added the raspberry puree and moved things into another carboy. Today, I noticed a secondary fermentation has started off. The oddest thing that’s happening is that instead of a thick, fluffy head, what I’m seeing is a bit thinner, a bit denser and appears to be lifting off of the liquid beneath it. You’ll see it in the pictures. The stuff has a good purplish hue to it but the wife is worried it won’t be quite berry-ish enough. Never fear, we have a small bottle of raspberry extract I think I’m going to add to small percentage of the batch during bottling. Some will be more potent than others.

The only thing left to do in the next two weeks is drink the other 30 bottles I need to rack this batch. But that’s OK, Rose’s homecoming is in a couple of weeks and I’m sure I’ll have help emptying some bottles.


  1. Save money – just use standard cane sugar instead of light belgian candi sugar. The darker stuff seems to be harder to replace (but not too far off from just your regular sugar).

    1. Turns out I only needed about 20 more anyway. Bottled everything yesterday and ended up only needing 44 bottles. I re-racked the secondary to get rid of a lot of trub so I think that’s where the other 3-4 bottles disappeared to.
      After a weekend of drinking and a morning of cleaning labels, I think I’m past the point where I’ll have to worry about a bottle-shortage again.