self_001Well son of a bitch.  How many different forms is this thing going to take?  I suppose if you’re talking about the number of times the very marrow of this site has been torn asunder and rebuilt from primordial components, this is the third version of Lilkobi.com.

I guess I started this thing back around 2000 or 2001 when the now-Googled service “Blogger” was just becoming popular with the teenage hipster-faggot crowd.  So of course, I was down.  But then again, so were half you people.  I bought the domain name almost immediately for $25.  Within the first year or so, there were about a dozen regular contributors.  Blogger still maintains records of the original site which I will, of course, dredge out at your weddings/funerals/sentencing.

After the blogging craze really caught on and everyone was doing it, I decided to take LKDC back for myself and maintained the site myself using MovableType.  My half-shitty updating habits eventually led to the half-decrepit log that you might have stumbled across last week.

So here we are; me, you and WordPress.  Third time’s a charm.