Dumb Blonde Joke: Pour, Drink, Forget

I just wanted to pop on here really quick and mention that the Imperial Blonde Ale has been drinkable for like three weeks now. I’ve had like four or five and have not yet taken a picture. But here are my initial impressions as I recall them: woohoo! It’s nice and strong, has good clarity and the carbonation took a little better than the IPA did.

While I’m here, I’ll also mention that I did bottle the Sunset and July after three weeks in the secondary and it should come due maybe this weekend. I’ve distributed a few bottles with the warning that they need a little time still, but reviews should pour in shortly? My first crack at one might not come this weekend as I consumed far too many fermented beverages this weekend at a friend’s nuptials so I’m sort of taking myself out of play for a little while. Does anyone else find that Anheiser Busch products give them the worst hangovers regardless of the quantity consumed? Just me then? OK.

I also found out today that the second-to-last Amber Alert was finally consumed yesterday by someone who actually received one of the first out of the basement. It was met to, I would say, rave reviews. Makes me excited to crack the very last one later this summer.

That’s all on the beer front for now. Not quite sure what the next one is going to be, but I bet it will be decided in the next week or so.

Drink up.

Dead Caps

Amber Alert: The Pour

It’s here! After 13 days in the bottle, we cracked a few of these things open last night to see how things turned out.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t immediately sure that what we had was great just because I’m not terribly familiar with the style of beer that we were drinking, but it was very smooth and had a good aroma so I’ll go ahead and call it a success.  My brother-in-law actually went back for seconds, so I can’t ask for a better compliment than that.

Over the last week or so, I’ve distributed well over half of the 47-bottle yield from this batch.  If you find yourself on this page and have had the good fortune to sample some, please leave some comments so I know how to improve the process!

Also, let me know if you found your way here by luck or through one of the snazzy QR-code bottle caps atop your bottle of Amber Alert.  I’m going to spend a little more time on the design of those caps for my next batch, but I think that smartphones have penetrated the populace deep enough that their novelty doesn’t come at the cost of convenience.

Thanks for drinking, maybe we’ll see you next month when I brew my first Hefeweizen…

Cooling the first batch of Amber Alert

Amber Alert: The Brew

After a few weeks of gathering materials and a little research, Andrew and Nate from the “Man Cave Brewery” came by yesterday to help me get through my first batch of homebrew. I’m happy to report every thing went off without a hitch despite my toolbox not having all of the amenities of their brewery. However, I have a feeling that our kitchen will end up working very well for brewing as it’s large enough for 4-5 people to do things at once without bumping into each other. The gas stove I’m finding to be a big plus since we can go to boil in a hurry and maintain temperatures very easily.

The beer that we put together is just a simple kit from Midwest Supplies called the “Autumn Amber Ale“.  I’ve been informed that even when working from a recipe, it’s tradition to name them yourselves (at least it is in the Man Cave) so this inaugural brew shall be known as “Amber Alert”.  It should be very simple tasting ale and, my guess, is that it’s going to be very clear because of how careful we were when filtering but we’ll see.  I’ve seen the pro’s pull some magic enchantments from their bag I have yet to collect, but so far everything has worked our really well.  Fermentation kicked off within 5 or so hours after we were done and has continued into today (24 hours later).

We should be able to bottle this thing on the 23rd and we’ll be drinking it in early May.

Here’s where you can find the brew sheet that I generated in iBrewMaster Pro for my iPad which does a very good job at managing recipes and doing all of the predicted gravity, color and alcohol calculations.