Return to the Left Coast

This fucker needs a computer

This fucker needs a computer

I have no particular love for Seattle, Washington.  That’s not to say I hate the place, but the powers that be seem to keep drawing me there to spend most of the daylight hours locked in a basement somewhere wearing a funny little hair bonnet.  These past four days I spent in Seattle went by without too many events of note.  On my last day there, I did get to do a couple of hours wandering where I did venture into the EMP/SFM building (Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum).  It was an interesting place for the $15.  I got to see a working tornado of musical instruments and a complete history of guitars, as well as a collection of miscellaneous science fiction memorabilia. Included in said memorabilia was the complete written manuscript of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle which stood several feet tall.  I bring that up only because I’ve read the first volume of aforementioned series and later sat next to a gentleman on the flight back from Seattle who was reading Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon (one of my favorite reads in recent years).  The coincidences just continue to stack up.

As usual, I caught the red-eye back to Columbus and am now running on about 2.5 hours of plane-sleep, which translates roughly into one hour of actual sleep.  Luckily, Monster Khaos energy drinks were buy-one get-one at the gas station by the apartment so I’m ripped and ready for at least another 7 hours or so.

The wife and I have started to do a little house hunting in our free time.  We said we would start doing it a little earlier this year if we had the cash saved up but we just sort of put it off until the weather was nice(r).  We’ve found a couple of prospective dwellings in the last couple of weeks and got screwed out of both of them.  We have this magic power that causers bidders to show up out of nowhere on houses that have been on the market for like 6 months.  Assholes.

Just before leaving the state, I finished Bioshock on the PS3.  The ending was a little disappointing, but I’ll go ahead and say that if you get the chance to play it, you should.  I know I’m like a few years late on this game, but it’s practically a “classic” now so you should be able to get it cheap.  I think I’m going to pick up Paper Mario for the Wii later this weekend.

All right.  That’s all for right now.  I’ve already wasted the better part of 3 hours of my “day off” answering work emails and filling out paperwork.  I need to go do something wholly unproductive, like play LittleBigPlanet.