Ghetto Love

I couldn’t tell you why I all of a sudden got a wild hair up my ass to update this thing.  But, here we are.

I recently finished the complete works of Tom Robbins: a Seattle based author who’s been pounding pulp for almost forty years.  His works are full of great little philosophical nuggets.  I should have read them with a highlighter.  I will loan to anyone who is looking for fall/winter reading material.  Be prepared for a wash of intravenous drug use and nun-sex.  Wicked.

I think we might be all settled in here at the homestead.  Took advantage of a lot of Labor Day Sales and picked up some furnishings on the cheap.  Finally re-felted the pool table and now we’re all set up in the Rec-Room.  Bummed my folks’ old turn-table since it seems vinyl is on the rise.  My first purchase was technically pre-ordering Brand New’s new album, “Daisy”, which comes out in a couple of weeks.  Without admitting anything, I’ll say that “Daisy” is pretty good.  Definitely not like much else you’re hearing these days.

Inglourious Basterds was worth seeing and probably worth owning.  Also probably not Tarentino’s best movie (that right is still Pulp Fiction), but it certainly beats Jackie Brown and maybe the Kill Bill Volume 2.  I would recommend it to anyone who liked any other Q movies.  Or wants to nail Brad Pitt.

The office is sending me around a country (read: continent) a bit more.  Since our last chat I believe I’ve been to Boston, Long Island and Prince George.  Prince George, is in British Columbia.  More specifically, the middle-northern region.  Where Jesus lost his snow-shoes, if you will.  My career takes me all sorts of places.  Awesome places.  Hopefully the next one will be awesome.  Actually, I think the next one will be Kent State.  Hrmm.

So what happened to summer?  Yard work.  I can’t tell if this is a good thing.  I’ve got a tan, but it’s not the right kind.  But the end of summer means the start of Fantasy Football.  Don’t ask me why I give so much of a shit, but I’ve grown to love the game.  Not the actual sport mind you.  Just the numbers end of things.

Speaking of games: play Scrabble on Facebook.  I will have as many open games going at once as I can physically handle.  I’m half-retarded at it, but it’s still the shit.  Hit me up.

All right.  There’s more useless things on the internet I could be doing now.