Dad’s Dirty IPA: The Pour

I sort of cut this one close when I opened it up on Sunday. It would have been 2 weeks nearly to the minute since it was bottled so the head was a little less than satisfactory. But I’m pleased to report that everything else about it seemed completely on point for the recipe. Whatever little taste I kept sensing in the Amber Alert and Huskerweizen was no longer there.

Just before drinking this first Dad’s Dirty IPA, I drank one of the last Amber Alerts. It was significantly better than the 5 or 6 I had had up until this point. This would have been about 10 weeks since it was bottled and that pesky imperfection I first detected after it was done is now gone. Unfortunately, I now only have one remaining Amber which I’ll probably just sort of keep for the next special occasion. I will, from this point, probably one one from each batch at two weeks after bottling¬† but probably won’t distribute any of it until at least three weeks pending a second review. It appears patience is the name of the game, folks. I hope to still have at least a case of the Dad’s Dirty IPA left at the ~6 week mark to see if it has really made a difference and perhaps stretch the enjoyment out a bit.

That’s all from the brewery. Let me know if you want a Dirty and I’ll see what I can do.


Dad’s Dirty IPA: The Transfer

I realize I’m nearly two weeks behind on this post, but I promised I was going to be thorough so here’s the post I’m obligated to make.

I transferred the IPA from the primary to my brand-spanking-new secondary carboy a few weekends ago taking extra care to keep as much of the trub from the first out of this one.¬† I think the result is a little clearer than it was originally but it’s really hard to judge the “final” clarity of a beer when you’re viewing it through the lens of a 6.5 gallon carboy.¬† I hope to spend at least part of Father’s Day bottling this bad boy (how appropriate?) so we’ll be drinking this thing by the Fourth of July if we’re lucky.

Not a lot of graphics with this event, but there is a good shot of my now-completed Brewing Storage Center in the basement.

Dad’s Dirty IPA: The Brew

My old man came down early (well, 10am early) to give me a hand brewing this new kit. I had forgotten to order a kit from Midwest Earlier in the week, so I just went out to the local supplier and picked up a Brewer’s Best IPA kit. It was a little more expensive, but I didn’t have to pay shipping so the thing might have come out as a wash. I have to say, there was a lot more going on in this simple extract kit than in any of the others I’ve done so far. Lots of extract, lots of grains, lots of hops. It’s a good thing I prepared a lot of water for this.

Everything went very smoothly since I remember to prep a few things ahead of time before starting which I had failed to do previously. The only hiccup I’d say we encountered was having a really hard time filtering during the transfer to the carboy. I usually bag the hops to make this stage easier, but this kit came with more hops than I could bag and I was forced to throw in the aroma hops loose into the wort. This was how I figured out that my the filter size on my strainer is way too big. The constant stop-and-start of the transfer caused even more trub to loosen up from the bottom of the kettle which just clogged my strainer even faster. Dad and I made quite a mess, hence, Dad’s Dirty IPA.

However, even with our losses and being forced to leave some quality wort behind with the hop-sludge, we still got 3 gallons of wort into the carboy before needing to top it off with water which is pretty good in my book. We wrapped up around 1pm and by 10pm, as you can see, we’re fermenting just fine. Which I am really happy about, be cause once again I forgot to take a gravity reading before adding the yeast. So we’re placing this by ear again.

I’ll let you know how things go next week when we move to the secondary. I plan on taking steps to be very careful on the transfer to see if we can’t clear this batch up a little bit.