Congratulations on collecting one hundred monetarily ambiguous gold coins!  As your reward, you’ve been issued a very jovial looking jade green fungus.  Please exercise caution when consuming undercooked happy mushrooms as feelings of invulnerability and euphoria have been known to occur.  Consult your physician if these feelings last longer than 300s.

Another year has submitted to the unstoppable grindhouse that is Father Time.  Two years now I’ve been in under my current employ with no major complaints to speak of.  We picked up miss Pami as a first round draft pick and I am thankful for the presence of one other sane person around the proverbial water cooler.  I’ve been fortunate to remain at the home base pounding keys instead of turning screws abroad.  I’m sure the wife would argue differently.

I certainly don’t mean to slip into an “At the Movies” style segment here, but I will remark on a few things I’ve seen recently to possibly recruit or save you.

  • Avatar – I guess if you’re going to go see this, do yourself the favor of seeing in 3D on the biggest sheet of canvas you can find.  The Mrs and I, unfortunately, saw this in 2D on a very crappy screen (go to hell, Regal).  The story for Avatar, in case you are not aware, is just Pocohantas in Space.  It’s nothing groundbreaking and completely predictable.  But the effects are supposed to be top-notch, which they very well might have been but I couldn’t tell.
  • Sherlock Holmes – It’s funny.  And more on-target to Doyle’s Holmes than the stereotypical Holmes you might think of.  You should probably have a few beers and Redbox it.
  • The Book of Eli – We were unfortunate to be the last ones into the theater on this one and got stuck in the second row of the theater.  I’ve never had to actually rotate my head to pan across a movie screen before, and it’s not something I hope to do again.  Luckily, there’s not a lot of reading in this movie.  There is, however, a fair amount of Denzel Washington being a complete badass.

All right.  The Olympics are on.  I didn’t think I was going to care, but here we are.  Let’s meet back here after women’s curling and we’ve replenished the spank bank.