Ruby Derailed

On Sunday, I abstained from my recent ritual of shooting pool and watching football and spent some time playing on my Macbook.  I had, sometime ago, downloaded and installed Xcode; the sort of swiss army knife of Mac software development tools.  I found myself stumbling through a tutorial on Ruby.  Ruby, as I understand it, is a neat little web language that I’ve heard about for some time.  There was a time when I would play with something like that for as long as it took for me to make something useful out of it.  After about five hours, I just sort of gave up.  It wasn’t frustrating, or even that difficult.  I just didn’t see the point.

I’d prefer that this single event isn’t the story of my life.  It bugs me that this didn’t bug me.  If you’ll remember, tinkering with this kind of shit used to be sort of a hobby of mine.  Jesus, I hope this isn’t what’s it’s like to get old.

So!  How about this weather?  We’ve been fortunate enough to experience preparing a house for the summer and now I suppose that we have to prepare it for the winter.  Oddly enough, it seems like Winter-preparation is Summer-preparation in reverse.  Take apart patio furniture, kill any plants that don’t go dormant themselves.  I was a bit confused about what to do for the lawn.  On the one hand, there are parts of it that have gotten sort of wild in recent weeks and probably could use a trimming.  On the other hand, we’ve had a sort of tough time keeping the grass alive in the first place.  Maybe a little bulk will give it a better chance or surviving?  We’ll find out come ~March.

At this moment, Tree is beating my ass at Fantasy Football.  My entire team (read: my entire undefeated team) just laid down and died.  Hopefully, they all just picked the same week to suck as and they will carry me forth unto victory after victory until the Stanley Cup.  Or whatever.

I think my work related travels are at an end for the year.  There are still plenty of trips to be made, but I think I have enough to do to keep me at my desk for the next four months without respite.  This is, I’m told, a good thing.  In one of the company’s better decisions, we’ve hired our first-ever legitimate Mechanical Engineer.  You may know her as Pami.  It’s a treat having someone I know and like around the office.  Better still is it to have one more person around there who wasn’t old enough to vote for George H. W. Bush.

OK!  Dexter‘s on the DVR and you don’t keep that son of a bitch waiting.