I’m On A Boat (feat. D-Kizzle)

All right!  A few free minutes and a chance to commit my deeds to record.

As you might remember, I was dispatched to Australia for a couple of weeks in November/December of last year to do an installation for work.  A few weeks ago, I was sent on a last minute mission to Seattle’s University of Washington solo to perform similar work.  Tomorrow, I depart for Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Medical Center for yet another installation.  I actually know a fool or two in Baltimore so I might be able to make this trip more than just business.  I thought I remember hearing recently that Baltimore is something like the third most murder-est city in the union.  I think they set some kind of record by actually going seven days without someone getting killed and were excited about it.  I’ll be there for two to three days.  What are the odds of me getting my head blown off?

The wife and I are saving up for a permanent residence complete with white-picket, but despite this, I was able to convince her that we needed to upgrade a few audio components in the Kober Cinema.  For the last 5 years or so, the foundation of my home audio suite consisted of a pair of ~30 year old tower speakers first purchased by Ma Kober for her first college abode.  They have served both generations well, but there comes a time when things like that need passed around again.  So, after promising them to Kevin, the Mrs and I made an investment an entirely new front system.  There are words and pictures that can describe how they occupy space, but I can’t very well plug them into teh interwebz and make you understand what it is that makes them speakers.  Suffice it to say, me likey.

I won’t go into incredible detail here, but if you are a watcher of Lost as I am, I have a question for you: what the ever-loving fuck is going on?  There was a point where that show was in fact a series of unanswered questions, but now they’ve taken this cascaded riddle and force you to view it through the lens of a madman snorting meth in an abandoned paint factory.  The best case ending, for me, will be that everything that’s taking place in Lost is actually the prologue to Battlestar Galactica and it’s Sawyer that caused the nuclear holocaust.

Hell’s Kitchen has started up super early this year in case you didn’t know.  They are only two episodes in right now and you can probably view them at FOX’s website if you’ve missed them.  Get caught up, because this years crew is definitely a bunch of Cracker-Jack motherfuckers.

That’s all for now.  I’ll let you know if anything drops of noteworthy-ness