Locked In Here With Me

OK.  Watchmen.  If you saw the movie on opening night (like I did) you probably don’t have too many questions about what happened unless you were dragged to the theater by somebody else.  If you don’t know what Rorschach means, then by all means, please just Wiki that shit and come back.  I’ll wait.

All right then.  Welcome back.  The bottom line is, I liked the movie.  I read the book over a year ago in a single day and was just captured by it.  There’s a lot going on with the multiple stories (a few of which were pruned from the theater release) but they really kept the meaty parts of it.  Go read the book.  It’s certainly worth it.  And don’t complain to me that you don’t read comic books.  There’s as much text printed in Watchmen the book as there is in any Janet Evanovich dime-novel.  The sex scenes are probably better in the Evanovich tales, but the story telling in Watchmen is deep and fulfilling.  And the movie features both tits and dick.  If that motivates you in any way to see it, I’m not above using it to lure you to the theater.

I’m sure something else has occurred in the world worth mentioning at this point, but really, blue-cock and explosions are more entertaining.  It wasn’t the cinematic masterpiece it promised to be, but it’s one of the more true graphic-novel adaptions to have been made in the last five years.  Hands down.  And it’s certainly better than The Jonas Brothers movie.

The Things That Own You

How much can you really know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?  This post will not be a whole listing of Fight Club posts.  But hey, it’s on.  I’ll pretty much watch anything in HD if it’s on in the middle of the day.  Hence my previous viewings of Face Off and Payback.  Ah, the 90’s.  They haven’t made films like that since.

It’s probably already obvious that I did not in fact die in Baltimore.  I can’t even say that I ever really came close.  I did walk 3.2 miles from Johns Hopkins Bayview back to the hotel (the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in, by the way) through downtown Baltimore.  I had never been in a city with a legitimate Greek quarter before, but I guess Baltimore has one.

Got to spend my evenings down there with Wojo and occasionally the mysterious Mr. Schlehr.  Turns out there’s a good deal of beer out there.  We explored this.

The job itself was a snap.  No problems, no delays.  Simple to install, simple to explain, lots of spare time to read.

The prestigious Mr. Faeilla is in town for a few days, there’s supposed to be some sort of gathering of great minds this evening.  Well, of minds anyway.

The Watchmen is finally making its way to movie theaters on the 6th of March.  Sight unseen, I still cannot recommend enough that you see this movie.  The book is tremendous.  I refuse to say comic or even “graphic novel”.  It’s a story, and that story is best told through the medium in which this author happened to choose to tell it.  My dead-tree copy of this work is currently being passed from hand to hand and I advise that you make a copy available to you.  Read it.  It won’t take long.  And you illiterates, there are indeed pictures.  Go forth.

That might be it for right now.  Still kind of playing with WordPress.  Got a plug-in for the iPhone!  So now there’s a super awesome AJAX driven iPhone compatible version of the site.  So for the two of you who could possibly give a shit, there you go.